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Custom Grave Markers

Flat Markers - Grave Markers
Bevel Markers - Grave Markers

Flat Markers

Our flat markers make excellent headstones for graves. Our expert craftsmen deftly engrave all lettering and designs.

Bevel & Slant Markers

For durable and memorable headstone designs, get our experienced craftsmen to create a bevel marker for a friend or a family member.


Choose from a single upright marker or an upright companion marker. With these cemetery headstones, your loved one’s resting place is easy to see and remember.

Recipient of the 1999 Royal Melrose Granite Award for Outstanding Quality and Service
More Than 130 Years in Business | More Than 90 Years of Experience

Who We Are

Get Hillsboro Monument Works, Inc. in Hillsboro, Texas, to design and create personal grave markers for a deceased family member or friend. Having been in business for more than 130 years and owned by the same family for more than 90 years, we have cultivated the skills needed to craft beautiful grave markers that last for years. Choose from markers made from fine granite, marble, or bronze. Hillsboro Monument Works, Inc. is a member of the Better Business Bureau and the Texas Cemeteries Association.

Contact us at (844) 418-0351 in Hillsboro, TX, to have our expert craftsmen manufacture bevel marker,
slant marker, upright monuments & grave markers for your deceased loved ones.